From its inception, the mission of Avian & Exotic Animal Clin. Path. Labs has been to provide top quality exotic animal lab diagnostics as well as to assist veterinarians, both new and experienced with exotic animals, in providing excellent exotic animal medicine for their clients.

Avian & Exotic Animal Clin. Path. Labs is a small family-run lab with combined staff experience of over 85 years. We have analyzed over 500,000 avian and reptilian clinical cases over the past fourteen years. Avian & Exotic Animal Clin. Path. Labs was originally the in-house laboratory of Dr. Walter Rosskopf, world renown vet specializing in birds, reptiles, and exotic animals.

From 1982 through 1986, intensive data analysis, case management, and correlation of lab data and clinical presentation was conducted by Dr. Rosskopf and laboratory manager, Rosalie Lane. During this time it became apparent that the insights and clinical correlations being formed needed to be shared with the entire veterinary community. In August of 1986 the lab was acquired by Rosalie Lane making her expertise available to veterinarians in the United States.

Our philosophy at Avian & Exotic is to make available quality exotic lab diagnostics for all veterinarians…. regardless of volume or experience level.

We require no start-up fees or no monthly quotas to meet…and our personal service is second to none.

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