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UPS Shipping

Avian & Exotic is located very near the UPS station.. We receive packages very early in the morning 6 days a week and enjoy  tremendous support from them.Our UPS shipping address is only for UPS shipped packages. Only use the Return Service labels (see right)  provided by us.  Please call the lab when you have 10 or less. There are two groups of labels:  One group is for packages shipped Mon – Thurs. weekly and the second group is for Friday packages to be delivered on Saturday (note the BRIGHT ORANGE STICKER“Saturday Delivery” on the label).  All shipping codes are already on the labels so simply peel and stick them onto the labpack.  Always record your UPS Tracking #  for future reference.  (Our UPS tracking numbers always begin with “1Z8V878R”.  You only need to record the 10 digit number following our number)

UPS Return Service Labels

Always use UPS labels with the BRIGHT ORANGE “SATURDAY DELIVERY” sticker for packages being sent on Friday.

Packages must have the bright orange sticker on them to move thru the sort hub and get to us on Saturday.  Saturday is a normal work day.  If you are getting low on either weekly or Saturday labels please contact the lab asap for more. (call 800-350-1122)When labpacks and padded pouches are needed order them through the lab.  The supplies will be shipped directly from UPS.

You can call  800-PICK-UPS  to schedule a pickup.  Always ask for the latest pickup time in your area  to maximize daily coverage. Maximize our shipping discount program by placing all samples into one labpack.  This will save your hospital shipping costs!

Please avoid boxes unless they fit into the labpack.  This will slow down the  delivery of your package to later in the day and delay your results.

Ice Packs are needed primarily when sending Adrenal panels,  and T-4 testing.  We request that you use a very small icepack to avoid additional shipping costs and  avoid spillage / HAZMAT charges as well.

If you are experiencing any difficulties with your UPS pickups, scheduling a pickup or communications with your driver please call the lab first.    We have a very responsive and effective UPS support team to handle any issues that might arise.



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